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Oval above ground

This oval model will not only become the focal point of your landscape design, it will provide many moments of relaxation as well as a refreshing escape from the heat during the warm summer months.

Select one of the dimensions below:


  • 8’ x 16’ 2,43m x 4,97m
  • 10’ x 18’ 3,05m x 5,49m
  • 10’ x 22’ 3,05m x 6,71m
  • 13’ x 25’ 3,96m x 7,62m
  • 15’ x 27’ 4,57m x 8,23m
  • 15’ x 31’ 4,57m x 9,45m


0’ 0m
8’ x 16’ 2,43m x 4,97m
10’ x 18’ 3,05m x 5,49m
10’ x 22’ 3,05m x 6,71m
13’ x 25’ 3,96m x 7,62m
15’ x 27’ 4,57m x 8,23m
15’ x 31’ 4,57m x 9,45m
Select one of the borders below:

Wood species used

Our pools are made wholly of treated pine, a material whose quality greatly exceeds that of cedar. And to enhance its performance even more, Aqua-Wood uses pine that has undergone a chemical treatment that makes it even more durable.

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  • Yellow pine
Select one of the stain colours below:

Stain colours

Stain is factory applied so that your pool is ready for installation. Note, however, that available stain colours may vary depending on the retailer.

  • Buff
  • Cedar
  • Dark Walnut
  • Wood smoke
  • Dark brown
Select one of the borders below:

Borders (top rails)

Borders are available in resin.

  • Resin


Oval above ground: Amazone XL – Savanna XL

Structural panels

  • Copper-azole-treated yellow pine
  • Width: 4’ (1.22 m)
  • Factory-assembled with plain planks roughly 3½” (8.9 cm) wide, mortise and tenon moulded
  • Height of walls: 52” (1.32 m)

Round wall panels

  • Flexible
  • Their number determines the size of the pool

Straight wall panels

  • Made by converting flexible panels into rigid panels using longitudinal steel tube reinforcements with the following dimensions: 1 ½” x 2 ½” x 1/8” (3.81 cm x 6.35 cm x 3.175 mm)
  • Pre-treated with zinc phosphate by 11-step immersion (E-coat) for greater protection against corrosion (subjected to 2000-hour salt fog resistance testing) and covered with polyester powder paint
  • Galvanized steel parts are used for straight wall panel assembly and visible parts are covered with polyester powder paint for maximum protection against corrosion and UV damage (parts have been subjected to humidity and salt fog resistance testing for 1500 hours)


  • Made of 100 % wood, sturdy and attractive
  • Handcrafted at the factory then assembled with glue and screws

Borders (Top rails)

  • Borders made of talc-filled resin, 9” (23 cm) wide

Seat caps

  1. Column
  2. Resin Border
  3. Seat cap

Fastener cover

  • Attractive and safe


  • Three 5/16” (8 mm) galvanized steel cables form the pool’s strong assembly
  • Plastic coated for a sleek appearance and for protection from chemicals and salt
  • Cable breaking point: 9,800 lbs.
  1. Fastener cover
  2. Cables

Bolts, nuts and screws

  • Protected by a Magni 599 coating
  • Salt-fog tested 1000 hours
  • Approved for use with treated wood


  • Foam insulation 1/8” (3.2 mm) thick inserted between the liner and the walls, which creates a smooth surface and protects the liner


  • Vinyl liner secured with a standard in ground pool fastening system, factory installed


  • Delivered on a pallet in 3 or 4 boxes, depending on the size of the pool

Model without load strut

  • Straight walls held by a solid system of stainless steel side frames covered with oven-dried powder paint.

Model without load strut (Brace)

  • Sturdy assembly of straight walls can be done by installing a steel beam structure with the following dimensions: 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’ x 3/16’’ (6.35 cm x 8.90 cm x 4.76 mm)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These models are not designed for semi-inground installation. Installing one of these models semi-inground could affect the pool’s warranty.

Wall height

The wall height is 52 in (132.1 cm). Flat bottom.

Wall height

The wall height is 52 in (132.1 cm). Flat bottom.

Your customized pool

Your pool customization criteria are:

  • Shape: Oval above ground pool
  • Wood species: Yellow pine
  • Dimension: 
  • Colour: 
  • Borders: 

This pool is the model and is sold at .

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Throughout Quebec and Canada, you can purchase an Aqua-Wood pool and turn your backyard into a peaceful oasis.

Warranty and support

In the event of breakage or defect, Aqua-Wood pools are guaranteed for 15 years. The cost of parts is therefore fully covered for the first three years following purchase and thereafter covered at their prorated value.

At all times, our friendly personnel is available to help you in case you run into technical difficulties. With Aqua-Wood, you can rest easy!