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In order to offer you a sturdy and durable product, Aqua-Wood ensures the quality of each component of its products.
Our expertise guarantees the highest quality product.


For the first three (3) years after purchase, your Aqua-Wood pool is guaranteed for the replacement or repair of all parts which prove to be defective in material or workmanship. During the subsequent years, defective parts will be submitted to a depreciation percentage; payment to the initial owner will be based on the following scale:

15-year limited warranty

1st year: 0 % of cost

2nd year: 0 % of cost

3rd year: 0 % of cost

4th year: 40 % of cost

5th year: 45 % of cost

6th year: 50 % of cost

7th year: 55 % of cost

8th year: 60 % of cost

9th year: 65 % of cost

10th year: 70 % of cost

11th year: 75 % of cost

12th year: 80 % of cost

13th year: 85 % of cost

14th year: 90 % of cost

15th year: 95 % of cost

16th+ year: 100 % of cost

The cost of replacement will be the retail cost suggested by the manufacturer at the time of replacement.

Note: Springing and graying of wood are natural phenomena caused by seasoning and ultraviolet rays. Applying a water-repellent stain greatly reduces these effects.Aqua-Wood reserves the right to change or improve the design of the product warranted hereunder without incurring any obligation to make any modifications to or to install any improvement on the product.

Conditions and limitations:

Warranty applies to:

  1. Defects resulting or arising out of the manufacturing process;
  2. The initial buyer and cannot be transferred.

Warranty does not apply to:

  1. damage caused by the formation and movement of ice;
  2. damage caused by fire or wind;
  3. damage caused during transportation or unpacking;
  4. damage due to improper maintenance, accident, abuse, misuse or negligence;
  5. problems resulting from not following the assembly instructions or due to poor installation;
  6. all problems due to animals, plants, blunt instruments or caused by vandalism.

What is not covered:

  1. the cost of manpower for the removal, transportation or installation of any part;
  2. water replacement or filling charges;
  3. chemical additives replacement charges;
  4. injuries to persons;
  5. damage to property and surrounding installations (fences, deck, etc.);
  6. parts having suffered the effects of corrosion, contraction, expansion, cracks or torsion, but following their good operations;
  7. any consequential damages.

Purchaser’s responsibility:

  1. to ensure the full respect of the installation plans provided by Aqua-Wood;
  2. to quickly apply water-repellent stain on external surface of the pool by carefully respecting instructions of stain manufacturer;
  3. to avoid letting earth and grass touch the wood;
  4. to provide proof of the original date of purchase by means of a bill of sale or contract.


Do you have additional questions about pool winterizing or other topics regarding Aqua-Wood pools? Our FAQ is a useful resource!